Ok this is just a rough page I just tossed up to help people convert Lit files to text documents.

Step 1: Download and install Wintask from here

Step 2: Download and install MS Reader from here

Step 3: Download my conversion macro from here

Step 4: Open up your .lit document in the MS Reader, move to the first page of text (after the chapter listing).

Step 5: Open up wordpad, yes it must be wordpad because thats the way I wrote the script.

Step 6: Open up convert.src in Wintask and click on Play then Run. Now a dialog box opens up telling you the version (currently .03) click ok and now enter the number of pages you wish to convert, you can subtract the last page number from the current one to convert the whole text.

Step 7: Now you can save the wordpad document as a text document by selecting save as and chosing .txt

After you've run the script once you can run it again by using this command by clicking on start then run and typing in this whole command including the quotes: "C:\Program Files\WinTask\Bin\TASKEXEC.EXE" "C:\wherever_you've_saved_the_file\convert.rob"

That's it for now it keeps me and others from uploading it and retyping it a lot.

A note for those who like to play around with the script, just add a .01 the version number and add a line to the dialog box with your name in it. Post a message in the newsgroups and I'll upload it here.